High quality

EURIMAC produces pasta goods of the highest quality, its operations certified to the following standards: EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP), IFS 5 (International Food Standards), BRC. In its pasta production process EURIMAC uses the most advanced equipment, with stainless steel drying ovens (ASI 316) operating at temperatures of more than 85°C (UHT method) and ensuring the highest levels of hygiene. This means that the wheat protein synthesis remains stable, the starch is not damaged or impaired in quality and the resulting pasta products are fully pasteurised and do not stick during cooking.

Low Cost

EURIMAC facilities are fully automated using a central computer system that controls every technical, mechanical and quality parameter involved in the pasta production process. Result: low-cost production.

Optimum Service

EURIMAC offers the best possible service to its customers. Pasta products of all kinds are stored in a specially designed 9,000 pallet position warehouse operating on a FIFO (First In, First Out) basis. EURIMAC provides its services to its customers electronically, thus increasing quality of service levels, minimizing errors and keeping management costs as low as possible.

EURIMAC produces pasta made of 100% Greek durum wheat, of the highest quality, rigorously controlled and certified by TUV Hellas.

Every time a batch of durum wheat (raw material) is delivered, Quality Control takes a product sample for scientific analysis in the laboratory.

The following tests are carried out on each batch:
• Humidity measurement
• Water activity (aw) measurement
• Granular measurement using appropriate sieves
• Colour determination using electronic chromatograph
• Specific weight measurement
• Protein determination
• Ash determination in an incinerator
• Measurement of gluten quantity and quality
• Measurement of holed, broken, black and mitadine grains

The results of the analyses lead to the final acceptance or rejection of the incoming raw material.

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